It’s my page for share ideas,something new things.
I am shyam sherashiya. An student. And always being. Now i am studying computer engineering at L D college of engineering, ahmedabad. Let’s starts with my hobbies. I like to study, researching, wandering, observing, and do something that other don’t like. l love books. I know something about guitar. And like to play it. I like to be alone, because solitude teaches a lot. I like to be happy. I like to watch movies, serials. I like to help. l like food. I like photography. My main motto is to do not give up at anywhere. If i am weak at any topic then it’s not at all something wrong with me. I try it. And if i fail then it’s ok i don’t mind it. And also i want to see everyone to like that, if they don’t have it then i also don’t mind. Ok. I like to be Frank.

Now about that blog, I usually don’t like to write, but sometimes i like. Just not that i have fond of it but i like. Sometimes When i think of about some topic and if like then i search on it and after getting all details about it,i write it. Like it’s the summary of what i know and search. That’s all. I believe that we all should have express themselves to one or other way. It relief you. So keep sharing your thoughts to everyone. Have a fun and keep smiling. Keep exploring.


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