Me and God


Once upon a time,

Me: Hey, god. What’s up?How are you doing? Is it all okay with you?

God: yeah!(chuckles)
It’s damn good. But suddenly why the hell you remind me?
( In my case I abuse god frankly and so he can also do the same with me, it’s like friends_forever bondage)

Me: (depressingly) because it’s not going okay with me.

God: (smirks)it’s your old dialogue. Say else.

Me: god, please can you just listen to me?

God: okay, man. Say, what’s the matter?

Me: Lots of to say. From where do I start? Damn it. I forgot calculation of my queries.

God: okay ,start from beginning.

Me: okay then. Listen. Firstly why have you grown me up? Why you give me the power to understand things? Why it always happens to me that what am I trying to do will be ruin somehow? Why can’t I suppose to being myself? Why it feel like,all chaos of world pressure me out ? I just don’t know what the hell is going on with me. If i try to fix one thing then another will be ruin and sometimes it’s resulted into ruin first thing. Sometimes I feel like if I had power of you and I were you and you were me, then you realize what’s going on with me?poor me!! I think you never….(stop)

God: wov,wov! Cool down,man. It’s totally fried to listen your troubles. (Chuckles)

Me: please I am serious. I am not joking.(angrily)

God: well, I suppose that you are a tough guy. But you also have problems like others and blame it on me.

Me: yes, i am a tough guy,but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any problem. And I am not blaming at you,I just reveal myself to you for some solutions.

God: okay, son. Listen, grown up is a part of human being’s life. Evaluation of life from child to old man is already destined. You must pass through it. And in between these you learn to live in society with your ability of the mind to understand everything. You can’t ignore it. And the tough time will always be there to test you. (me (mind): I hate this shit test)and what is going on with you is up to you. Don’t depreciate yourself. scarcity for no reason is vulnerable. Being open at yourself is advisable. Be ready for situation as you want it’s benefits. Stalk your dream like a lion. Confront your deceive thoughts. Don’t feel pathetic. Be brave. Focus only on one thing. Try to being different. (Me (mind):What the hell is God talking about it’s seem like overhead , I can’t hovering it any more.) My son you are like crony to me. I am always there for you,like vigilante….(stop)

Me:oh god, don’t confuse me. I am already confused. I can’t get your talk what you are saying. It’s feel good to listen, but I can’t get it. Can you please make it easy to understand?

God:(laughs) now I think if you were me and I were you than you better understand me what I want to say. It’s never easy for anyone to live a life as they want. You are mould by situation.

Me: okay. But what about my dreams?

God: It’s your desire in life to fulfill until death. It’s change as you have grown up with your mind set. And will be high and high, day by days. Some of them can be completed, some are not. They all will be fulfill by your work and effort towards it.

Me: okay. What if I don’t feel good in life or failure in life?

God: it’s part of life. You have to convince yourself for it. Improve yourself by it. Think of me, It will make you feel better.

Me: yeah. And what about to live a happy life?

God: yeah, it’s necessary to live Happy in every situation. Put a smile on your face in every situation. It takes solution to half of queries. It made me also good to laugh at every single moment to live.

Me: okay,but if as you said before call me in critical situation and I will be there. But my experience said that you were not there on time. What about it? You were with your goddess in heaven or somewhere and poor me fighting with situation.

God: HaHaHa. You are so funny. Actually, my friend, I am always there, but sometimes I try to make you tough with the problem. So I don’t interfere with it.

Me: but it feels like panic. Like plunge without parachute. Please next time be there when I need your help.

God: (chuckles) yeah,sure i will try.

Me:(relief) thank god.

(Call rings)
(It’s 21 centuries!!)
(God takes out mobile from pocket)

God : (tense) oh, shit man! It’s goddess’s call to come urgently to home back. I have to go.

Me:(laughing loudly) now it’s your turn to ask all these questions and I will answer it as you did. Go and handle your problem by yourself.

God: yeah, man. It’s my turn to be motivating for now. Please man, be with me, I need your help.

Me: ops. It’s my time for Facebook. Sorry man, you should handle this by yourself. I want to make you tough guy.(laughs)

God: Now I realize why people don’t trust people.

Me: just kidding, man. I am here if you want. Just taking your test.(chuckles)

God: I don’t like this (angrily).

Me: cool down,man. Just put a smile on your face go home quickly before the next call arrives. (laughs). Have a nice day. Adios,amigo.
( Confuse by my last words)

God: (confusingly) yeah, man. Make a bright future. Tashi delek.

(And he has gone away)
(I still confuse by his last words.)
(Really no one can beat god).
(It’s sometimes nice to talk with God.)


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