Knock knock..!!! Looking for destiny!!

Shakespeare said,” what was lotted , can not be blotted.”

Which says that , what is written in our destiny, we can not remove or replace it.

So what..!!!

We don’t know our destiny, what happens to us just next moment,who knows? May be god knows. We put all efforts and hard works to do a some kind of work, and when we can’t do this then blame on God or ourselves or situation and then say, it is not in our destiny. But who knows that, it is in your destiny. But we, human being never learn such things.

The world is immense. There are so many people surrounding you. Some of them impact good on society and you by their works and some of are critical of society. Some are unique and some are not unique at all. Now you think of yourself. You put yourself to compare it with others. And you realise that you are so far away from all the people surrounding you. You should come up to work hard and at least make some impact of you in front of them. And the journey begins. You start to do your best in some things to make it better impact. Motivate yourself for some days and do your fullest to be best. Then comes laziness in life. You know you must do your work, but, you don’t. And then after some days again, you try to compare yourself to world. And again journey begins. Now you are tired, bored with all these stuffs happen in your life. Now time for God to blame, oh God why me? What happen with me? Why don’t you listen to me? What’s my fault? Then at last console yourself by that, it is not in my destiny. Oh! dear it is not anymore again in your destiny.

And here point come, is destiny. We can’t replace or remove our destiny, but we also don’t know what is in our destiny. So rather blame for it ,why should we try to make our own destiny? Why to blame on the other? Why not us?

We are ,what we think. And we do what we are experts on. We make history as we like to do. There is a very good Swedish proverb,” those who wants to sing, always find a song.”

So make it sense what you do, what you choose, who you are. And don’t compare yourself to any other. Because, kohinoor can’t be compared, it’s only one in a world. If you want it then do this best or leave it like rest.

The world is full of selfish people. All lives for there own selfishness. You should be also selfish to live. If you do a best in one thing than, the other guy come and give it two times better than you. And make you jealous. It’s the perfect time for you show yourself to the world that you are thrice best them him. Make efforts to do it perfectly. If you have succeeded, then congratulations you are winner and if you are not , then keep calm make yourself prepare for next time to beat him(f**king bastard). This is how to succeed in your work. That’s the spirit that you have to stand up till the end and not to give up and beat up your destiny. And then you can easily say that, hah, it’s already in my destiny, thank god for this one and keep strengthen me for more. And tell yourself how tremendous you are.

Do your best. Make it sure that no one can beat you. And if you are good at something then as the joker(DC comic’s character) said don’t do it for free. Make you own monopoly.

Knock knock..!!! Looking for destiny or destiny is looking for you?


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