Can i?

Can i? When question occurs in mind, somehow hesitations, some kind of negative feeling of something will gonna to wrong by us, creates. Which oppose us to do the work efficiently as we wants. It feel like to be nervous to doing work. When you have an idea about an new things, new creations or you wants to learn new things by yourself, then a question occurs in mind, can i? Is everything will going to be alright? Is it okay? And it’s result leads to consolation to yourself by all is well. Just all is well,nothing else. And we ride to do our works. That’s how most of us works. And that’s makes your status in life. In that, some of works seems good for you and some are not. One by one tasks completed and life go on. In between you learn  and experience so many things which leads you to able to avoid a question, can i? It make you courageous and confidential. But how to avoid this “can i?” How can we conquer it? How can i say that i can. It’s hard to learn. Time teaches you. And your ability to stay with that “can i?” Works. So don’t be worry about the future and live for your best moments and make life to say that yes you can whatever you wants. Are ye jindgi koy tumhare baap ki jagir nahi hey ke ke tum jab chahe chin sako, ye jingi to jine ke liye he re pagal. Agar sahi se jina chahte ho to khul ke jiyo, bindass jiyo, jitna bhi jiyo pura jiyo, aur ase jiyo ke samne wala dekhta reh Jaye.


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