Yes! I am a teenager


For whom Study is like burden, do  only intensive reading before exams to score high, a “junoon”(a strong desire) to do something, desire to famous in world,want to have so many followers, and apart from that most powerful desire to have a most beautiful girl for him/most handsome boy for her, earn lots of money, make a big status in society where we works,wanna to be multi-talented, intention to change the system, change the society, to help everyone, do best works, aim and hope very high to crack the world, who don’t think about past and future and say to live in present,(which is just a formality, in real they don’t know in which state they live), who check their phone constantly for no reasons, think a lot in a particular topic, whether it’s valuable or not, like to argue, habituated to observe and judge others behavior, to hide some secrets, wanna to cool and dashing, like to listen music, always wanna to gossip, versatile as per situations,little bit feel jealous when someone do best from them, like to wander, sometimes want to be alone, when encouraged by other they do better then they can,and always have a Faith for what is going on will be as per they wants to, usually think from heart instead of mind, sometimes don’t sleep for long night for no reasons, and always have to wish to wake up late in the morning, Want to make their parents happy from them,Always have the same question,”why that all things only happen to me?what’s wrong with me?” for every difficult situation, little bit aggressive in nature(warm blooded), but possess so many feelings, so many wishes and so many desires in the eyes, It’s all about teenager.

       Yes, i am a teenager. And it’s all about me and all the other teenagers. Desire. Hope. Feelings. Fun. Learn. Anger. Pity. Versatile. Love. Laugh. Curious. Effort. And much more things, just wow! Some of them can achieve and some can’t. But then also feel good for what we have done. Tremendously happy for that, and that things makes us unique. Proud to being teenagers. And do what you like to do, because it’s teenage ßoss, be ßindass..!!!
Have a nice day…!!!


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