Can you have time for yourself?


Nowadays in 21st century all the human being are busy, actually no one time for even themselves also. We have a mobile, laptop and all other media to have and share our knowledge. But actually we don’t even know the purpose of our life. We just live in fake, not in real. All have what’s app and Facebook.

Oh! i get so many likes for my dp, oh! he/she is online..

And blah blah blah!!! But is anyone who care for themselves? Now it’s time to live for us. To live for what we are here in earth. Ask a question to yourself that am i going in right way or not? Whether am i not wasting my time for crappy things? What is purpose for today?
     You have to satisfied by your work at the end of the day. Do the all things you want to. Do it for yourself. Help someone. Pray for good and prosperity. Live for your parents. Fulfill at least their some wishes, hopes for you. Reveals all what you have done in whole day to someone or have dairy for it. See yourself in mirror what you are and for what you want to be. Talk with yourself. And just be free. Indulge with good stuff or your favorite activities. Always think for best. Do yogas daily. It will maintain your body fit always. Keep reading. It will maintain your mind fit. Enrich yourself with more knowledge. And not forget daily to scan what you have done. Do oath not to give up for any situation. Focus on your best part, don’t compare it with others. Take your responsibility. Except the imperfections within you. Give some challenges to yourself. Be adventurous. Make big goals, hope for big and try to achieve it. And all the things are going to be as easy as you want. Have a time for world and as well as for you.
Have a nice day..!!


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