WhO Is MoRe SuCcesSfuL?

It was nicely defined success by chetan bhagat in a seminar. So what is success? He nicely prescribe it : A one child ( Ranbir kapoor) grow up very well with all necessities ,studied well and also doing best at his field of acting. Is he successful person? Yes, of course he is.
And a village girl who brought up only with some necessities, lack of her need, and then also she passed all the stages of her career with her potential. And become a just simple journalist of local news Chanel. Is she not a successful woman? Yea she is. So who is more successful person? A Bollywood star or simple village girl? Of course both are successful. But when it comes for more successful one, one prefer choose that girl, because that girl do something for her life by herself to got succeed beyond her limits. Whereas Ranbir kapoor who already had an infrastructure to his career. No doubt that he had hard work too. But still we prefer for a simple village girl. And all the cloud agreed with chetan bhagat. So our main purpose is that to do something beyond our limits. And When we do that then our small success can worth more than Ranbir kapoor’s success or else.
  Chetan bhagat specified a hindi word “aukat”. Do beyond your “aukat” to be successful.


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