Live Free , Be Free

It’s important to live free. Actually it is necessary, opps sorry it is compulsory. Life without freedom is not a life,it do not mean to live. One of the greatest freedom is to don’t care about others think of you. Just to live a freely and sing a song, tease your buddies,then laugh over it, watch a movie you likes , free to play, free for help someone, free for everything you like. And at the end of the day you feel free to sleep a good night. if you don’t do this today then, it is waste of the day. Explore your self for what you like to do, then do it freely, don’t be shame for it.

Life is for you, not now then when..?? It is said,” It’s never to late.” Just get up from wherever you are, and do it right now. Entertain your life. And whatever situation you have , don’t loose hope. Everything will be all right. Just trust in god and live free again in your way. Can’t stop it. Live here , Live free. If there is not a problem in your life, then it means you don’t live free. Sometime put yourself in trouble to build up you. And then it’s also essential to confess yourself. But if whatever you do is from heart then everything will going all right. Live a life so that life can say that that’s life. Tashi Delek!!!!

” And I honor the man who is willing to sink
Half his present repute for the freedom to think,
And, when he has thought, be his cause strong or weak,
Will risk t’ other half for the freedom to speak.”
~James Russell Lowell.


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