Love is the greatest thing in the world. It has the greatest power in the
world. One can live without food,water and other necessity but one can
not live without any types of attachment with people. Everything is fair
in love and war. Love has the spiritually a great power which connect the
souls…!!! Love is divine thing that change one’s life. It has strength to
convert a person of cruel to a person of a great kindness. For a mother to her child for sister to her brother for wife to her husband, love can not be express from words it feels from heart. And when one really realize that
feeling then all one should do is love….!!! There is no issue to say that you are not love by anyone.Whether it is nearest to you,it may your work or passion or some person that minds you or anything that you like very much.You have to just find them out.Then watch everything in life is going to be alright as you wish. But remember don’t forget to love everyone in your life. Try to make your place in everyone’s heart. There is nothing better place then heart. Love
more live more.Just love yourself. Don’t spread violence or other cruel
thing that can hert you later. Just keep love to your family,your works,your life….!!!! Love what you do,Do what you love.Then everything is waiting for you….!!! so keep smiling and love more because there is no money require for it…!!!! Have a great lovely day…!!!!


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