Happiness is something that comes naturally when thought of something
or when help someone or when finish some noble work or when reveal
our self to god or when remember someone special or to family or when
realize that our parents are proud on our success or while reading some
favorite novel or when thought of our silly mistakes we made in past or
when thought that i will going to make lots of fun in future at same time. Happiness can’t be buy in shop, it can be by your work, it comes from what you like to do, from little things you do rather then other. It is awesome to be happy. Happy by what you have, what you have achieved and what you will be. An innocent smile of a child, a butterfly flying in garden, a morning walk, nature before rain,wandering at seashore, everything creates happiness.

Happiness comes naturally from our daily rut life. Just find it and make
your day happy. Always be happy. And make others happy by yourself. Enjoy the every bit of life.


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