!!!!……Feeling converter……!!!!

Oh! God why you don’t make a feeling converter,

A feeling converter that convert all the feelings,

Feelings that can’t be explain by words;

It coverts;
Feelings of Sorrows to Happiness;
Feelings of Defeat to Win;
Feelings of Pain to relief;
Feelings of Discourage to Encourage;
Feelings of Grief to ecstatic;
Feelings of Hates to Love;
Feelings of Anger to Serene;
Feelings of Fatigue to Spiritual;
Feelings of Aggressive to Calm;
Feelings of Timid to Powerful;
Feelings of Menace to Prayer;

After all,

Feelings of Bad to Good;

Which converts human into human,

World of Peace,Where there is no tease;

Implies means to live,

And then thanks to god for those feeling to feel;


Oh! God why don’t you make so….

-Shyam Sherashiya.


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